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                                                          Vol. 1 No. 1      November 06, 2005           

                                      MOONY THE MOONMAN DEBUTS ON INTERNET

                     Dateline Earth -- The new comic strip, "Moony The Moonman," made its debut on the
                     Internet today, November 6, 2005.  This feature stars a character named Moony, who
                     is the sole inhabitant of the Earth's moon.  Moony had always assumed that he was the
                     only living thing in the Universe until he discovered that the Moon had been visited by
                     other beings from that "Big Blue Ball" in the sky.

                     Before then, Moony had lived an incredibly lonely and boring existence -- never meeting,
                     or seeing, another living creature.  Then, one day, while visiting The Sea of Tranquility,
                     Moony found the remains of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, and the elaborate scientific equip-
                     ment left behind by the American astronauts when they returned to Earth.

                     Soon, Moony learned to operate the radios that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin -- the
                     first Humans to set foot on the Moon -- had abandoned.  So now, Moony is able to listen
                     to all kinds of communications broadcast from Earth, and his once-dreary life has changed

                     Moony The Moonman will appear daily on the Internet where readers can follow his
                     amusing activities, and read his humorous comments on the lives of the Earth's people.
                     Moony readers are advised to watch this page for future announcements of the latest
                     plans and developments for the Moony The Moonman comic strip.  Also, very soon,
                     Moony merchandise will be made available for purchase over the Internet.

                     TM Copyright 2005 - 2006  R. J. Nolin.  All rights reserved.